It’s Time To Turn Up the Heat Again! Is Your Heating And AC System Working Properly?

Nov 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

Piedmont Metro offers a complete heating and air conditioning system inspection, thoroughly checking 19 points of your central HVAC system to determine if any wear and tear on your HVAC system has occurred and may possibly need an update, repair or a filter or part changed out. Maintaining your hvac system will ensure that it has many more seasons of hard work ahead.

Most heating and air conditioning manufacturers require an active and ongoing maintenance or service plan to keep your warranty valid. It is recommended that all HVAC systems and gas furnaces be inspected twice a year for optimal performance and operation.
You can expect expert and professional service when you Hire Piedmont Metro technicians to service your air conditioning and heating system to keep your warranty valid and active. We will also handle all correspondence and dealings with the warranty company for you if needed.

Piedmont Metro’s 19 point HVAC system inspection includes the following:

– Check system for proper refrigerant charge
– Check compressor and fan amps
– Check and clean condenser coil
– Check capacitors
– Check contactor points
– Brush out electrical cabinet
– Check all caps and valves for seals and/or proper snug fit
– Check thermostat operation and mounting
– Check circuit components
– Check blower amps
– Check/evaluate evaporator coil for buildup
– Check blower wheel for buildup
– Check all electrical connections and wires & controls
– Check filters
– Visual Check for Mold
– Check temperature splits
– Lubricate all moving parts where applicable
– Check drains and float switch operation
– Check final performance and report necessary improvements

You can quickly recognize the performance of your home, office or business heating and air conditioning system because you should notice the change in temperature every day. It is warming up properly in the winter and cooling during the warmer months? Regular maintenance service keeps the quality up and holds down operating costs for your Air Conditioning and Heating equipment, especially in these days of ever-rising utility rates. Piedmont Metro service programs can greatly improve the quality of you home or business air conditioning performance, comfort and extend the life of the system.

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