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If your home has aluminum wiring, there may be potential safety risks involved. Call Piedmont Metro today to inspect your home for aluminum wiring, resolve all your fire risks and keep your loved ones safe.

Despite potential fire hazards and other electrical safety risks, here in the state of North Carolina, they still use aluminum wiring even in building new homes. The major risk is when the wiring expands and contracts. This expansion when heated and contraction when cooled is normal for aluminum materials. After many years this may form loose connections and potential fire hazards. To prevent major outages and fire dangers it is suggested to have your electrical system checked on an annual basis.

The aluminum wire in particular needs to be checked to make sure the terminals have not been loosened over time.

We offer yearly maintenance contracts to catch preventative maintenance issues before they become a problem. Our qualified inspectors will expose your meter base and ensure all connections are active. The main bust and circuit breakers will also be thoroughly tested and ensure that there are no safety risks, or a replacement plan will be recommended and discussed prior to any work being performed.

Keep in mind that we have maintenance programs to encompass your entire home. We also offer multiple maintenance contract discounts and our knowledgeable technicians will explain all issues with you and show you how to use your new enhanced features before they leave your home or office.

Call Piedmont Metro for all your electrical needs today.

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